Profitable Online Business Ideas You Can Start in China

Here are some most profitable online business ideas in China to inspire your entrepreneurial passion.

Starting a business in China can be fun and much easier. You can quickly start an online business and run it with very little cost.


Chinese Web Design Business

Chinese Web Design Business

Every business owner wants a fully localized, fast and strong Chinese website when the business is expanding to China.

However, most Chinese websites that made for China market could not work, at all.

Which means predictable further losses and waste in Chinese Digital marketing investment in the near future.

A poorly designed website kills the credibility of the new business. 

You can launch a Chinese web design service to create attractive, easy-to-use and China ready websites for overseas small businesses.

Chinese Social Media Consultant

online business ideas in China: Chinese social media consultant

Chinese Social media marketing is a integral part of business operations in China.

​While very limited large companies hire their full time staff to run their WeChat, Weibo, Baidu accounts, most foreign businesses would outsource this important job to digital marketing or social media marketing agencies.

China's social media landscape is way too much different from western world. 

Every foreign business needs a totally different social media strategy and this is your job.

Many business owners realize this and the number of inquiries on WeChat marketing and Social Media marketing is increasing every month.

You can work as a consultant to help the clients determine the best tactics, and content plan for their target audience.

Or, you can ​be more involved to do the copywriting jobs too.

  • Phil, my business partner in France, started a digital marketing agency five years ago. He  focuses his business on Chinese social media marketing and Chinese online reputation management.

Business Coaching

online business ideas in China: business coaching

If you possess rich business experience and special knowledge, why not creating a coaching business to help more entrepreneurs to be successful?

Use your brain and skills to help new startup executives get off to a good start, and help experienced entrepreneurs keep up with demand.

  • Chao's China business coaching successfully helped interior designers, architectural designers, restaurant owners, tour guide, app developers, real estate agents, overseas study consultant, copywriters, etc. 

I’ve coached hundreds of business owners, startup executives, freelancers how to start  new businesses, scale their existing business through my executive coaching.

Online coaching is super fast to get started with your online business and you can charge premium price for your quality work.

First, you will need to write some premium content to build your authority in the niche market.

The best way to bring in clients for this business is to attract them by your quality content and word of mouth.

Run Your Web Store

Online business ideas in China: Run your web store

Build your web store and sell overseas products to Chinese consumers.

China has the most advanced technology that favors online businesses and trading platforms. Source your products from overseas, find out what Chinese consumers love and when they will buy from your website.

A key for success is that you need make sure your website is fully localized and adapted to the China market.

Also you need to understand the cross-border eCommerce strategy and policies.

Here are 31 questions to make sure whether you are ready for selling online to China.

Source from China and Sell to the World

Online business ideas in China: Source from China

In China, you can find many low cost products and sell them to the market you are familiar with. 

Finding good suppliers is always tricky.

Hire a China sourcing agent and make this job easier.

But different sourcing agents bring different results.

Sell Software / Apps

Online business ideas in China: sell software and apps

Almost every programmer is dreaming to get some, even a small share of the huge Chinese market.

Most Chinese companies, either big or small, want better software and IT services.

They will resort to external resources to solve their technology challenges.

For some specialized niche markets, you can make a fortune from Chinese buyers who needs professional services.

The biggest challenge in China is localization and pricing.

  • Many Chinese consumers and businesses are not willing to pay high prices for software while Chinese local developers sell software at rock bottom prices.
  • However, highly specialized industrial/commercial software is recalling selling well in China even with the same global pricing.
  • New generation of young Chinese people is more willing to pay for online services.

Online Teaching

online business ideas in China: Online Teaching

The education market is a golden mine in China, and a prime area is left for foreign business.

Remote online teaching ​can be a brilliant idea to start your online business in China, without your physical presence in the Middle Kingdom.

​Do not only limit your business on English teaching, there are many areas you can offer online tutoring services:

  • Overseas test preparation: SAT, GMAT
  • Art lessons
  • A new language: Spanish, French, Italian, ...
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Marketing training
  • Writing skills
  • other professional skills

Sell Online Courses

online business ideas in China: Selling Online Courses

A more rewarding and low risk model is selling online courses. 

Selling online video or written courses is now feasible in China and it is supposed to be an ideal business model for online startups.​

A well established online education business can scale incredibly. 

Find a proper niche market that you are good at and you could be able to reach out to millions of people.

Selling online courses requires a lot of work to be done in advance, but needs less maintenance work over time.

Business Consulting

online business ideas in China: business consulting

Consulting can be very profitable if you are really good in some thing that people need.

And consulting can be done through skype/phone​ only, if you want.

I offer my China business consulting to overseas SMEs and freelancers expanding their businesses to China.

We help them gauge the direction and business scalability through proper China business planning and China market entry strategy.

There are plenty of consulting business opportunities for you in China, since it is now the most fast developing and dynamic economy in the world and many people needs experts to solve their specific problems in various areas.

Many people started their consulting business for the China market, some are helping foreign businesses enter into the China market, while some others are helping Chinese business go global.

  • Paul, my flemish friend from South Africa, is building the bridge between Africa and China. 

Did I Miss Anything Good?

Share in the comments if I'm missing any awesome profitable and feasible business ideas that you can start! Share your website or anything relevant if you've already gotten it started.

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