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About SinoStep – Your China Market Entry Services Provider

Understanding the China/Chinese market is a challenging task.

No matter you are considering entering the China market with little or no knowledge about China or you had an established presence in China already, You might need help.

SinoStep, founded in Sep 2011, as a specialist foreign direct investment practice, provides business advisory, market research, partner search, marketing, corporate establishment, accounting, and due diligence services to overseas SMEs and multinationals investing in China.

SinoStep provides operations implementation and management to enable clients to cost effectively sell and distribute their products in the China market.

SinoStep is run by Chinese partners from mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Europe, United States, together with global resources of consultants, designers, and marketing pros.

We customize solutions for every project.

We deliver unique insights enabling our clients to better understand the Chinese markets and support their business.


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