Chinese Website Translation

Effective Chinese Website Translation is Good Localization

Chinese Website Translation seems easy, but it is not.

Translate your business to the Chinese market is full of challenges but it worth all your efforts.

Chinese Website translation is more than simply Chinese translation.

We make them sell in the Chinese market.


What’s A Successful Chinese Website Translation?

Here is a simple checklist for you to identify a successful Chinese website translation.
  • Clear targeted market lets you know where your Chinese market is, Mainland China, HongKong& Macau, Taiwan, Singapore & South-East Asia.
  • Correct Chinese translation conveys your message.
  • Good Chinese web copy localizes your business to the market.
  • Cultural adaptation avoid any cultural blunders or unintentional use of offensive symbols.
  • Localized design of graphics, and web interface.
  • No technical problems ensure the normal operation of the Chinese website.

Chinese website localization adapts the language, appearance, and functionality of a website for Chinese-speaking markets.

How we work

  • Fully understand your business and your situation in the new market.
  • Investigate the market to understand what your target audience are looking for.
  • Localize your website to make everything in accordance with the new market.
  • Reviewed by a local experienced copywriter.
  • Correct the problems found in testing, and improve the site by studies like focus group.

What We Do

SinoStep makes use of both linguistic and technical skills to make your website localization project a resounding success in the target Chinese local market.

  • Translate Your web content to the target Chinese audience
  • Translate the Meta Tags, Alt Tags...
  • Translate the Flash files, Graphs and Figures...
  • Translate the Databases...
  • Translate necessary cultural, technical, geographical differences (timezone, terms...)

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