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Get Your Job Done – Hire Your Super Virtual Assistant Today! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list? It's time to say goodbye to stress and hello to productivity! Introducing our Super Virtual Assistants – your secret weapon for tackling tasks with ease and efficiency.

From managing your calendar to conducting research, our Super Virtual Assistants are here to save the day. With a diverse skill set and unbeatable dedication, they're ready to swoop in and handle your workload, so you can focus on what matters most.

Why choose our Super Virtual Assistants?

  • Expertise: Our Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals, trained to tackle a wide range of tasks.
  • Time-Saving: Delegate tasks and reclaim your time to focus on your priorities.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable rates make our Super Virtual Assistants the smart choice for your business.
  •  Flexibility: Hire on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis – whatever suits your needs.

Ready to supercharge your productivity? 

 Hire your Super Virtual Assistant now and watch your to-do list disappear.

We Work For Your China Business

If you want to hire a virtual assistant for your China business, SinoStep is the best stop.

No matter you are a

  • busy executive,  entrepreneur,
  • professional, consultant, coach, 
  • small to medium business, 
  • startups, 
  • non-profit,
  • or any busy person with China business!

All the jobs are under our standard process, and your China liaison office is ready in no time.

Why SinoStep Virtual Assistants

Professional & Prepared

We select the best available talent suitable for your needs.

  • Well-trained for cross-border business.
  • Ready to start today.
  • Professional, specialized, goal oriented.

Your Best Team Member in China

Get your jobs done with a top-notch virtual assistant.

  • China based, well educated.
  • Understand your business and represent your interests.
  • Keep you from hassles.

Get Better Results

Get powerful support in one place.

  • No hidden costs
  • No hidden hours
  • No overhead
  • Flexible hours

How to Start

01 Select Your Plan

Analyze your tasks and workload, Pick a suitable plan.

02 Get A Virtual Assistant

We match you with a Virtual Assistant based on your preferences.

03 Delegate and Accomplish

Start from day one, work with your Virtual Assistant to get your jobs done.

Get Your Great Assistant in China

Talents on 

Market Entry, Online Business, Sales & Marketing,  Writing, Business Development, Sourcing, Trading, IT, Design...



starting from

$ 698



  • Administrative
  • Customer Service
  • Business Services

starting from

$ 898


Administrative & Technical

  • Administrative
  • Customer Service
  • Business Services
  • Website Management

starting from

$ 1198


Full Function Liaison Office

  • Administrative
  • Customer Service
  • Business Services
  • Website Management
  • Writing and Online Marketing
  • Trade & Sourcing Service
  • Sales & Research

Administrative & Customer Service

  • Email Response
  • Data Entry
  • Receptionist Services
  • Taking Messages
  • Call Answering & Transfer
  • Order Taking & Processing
  • Telephone Support
  • Travel Arrangement
  • China Car Rental
  • Travel Plan, Hotel and Tickets Booking
  • Chinese Translation

Business Services

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Bookkeeping
  • China Payroll & HR Outsourcing
  • Project Management
  • Recruiting
  • CRM Management

Website Management

  • Simple Web Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Server Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Forum Moderation

Writing & Online Marketing

  • Web Research & Surveys
  • Updating Blogs
  • Updating social media profiles
  • Newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO China, Baidu China
  • Social Media Marketing China (SMM)
  • Chinese Copywriting
  • Baidu Advertising | Baidu PPC and Google Adwords Management
  • Facebook Marketing
  • WeChat Marketing

Trade Services

  • China Products Sourcing and Supplier Search
  • China Production Inspection in different stages

Sales & Research

  • China Market Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Assistance
  • Telephone Sales
  • Meeting Setup
  • Trade shows & Marketing Events


Who will be my VA? Will I get a dedicated one?

What if I want a different VA?

What services I can get?

Will my VA work on holidays and weekends?

Will my VA travel with/for me?

Do I have a long-term commitment?

How many monthly plans for me to choose?

Is there any setup cost?

What if I need more hours?

Can I cancel anytime?

How do you track hours?

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