How to start your digital marketing in China

Every week, I'd get several inquires asking for a strategy to start their digital marketing in China.

Most people are busy in requesting ready SEO, PPC, or SMM service packages.

Yes,  it's convenient to go with ready solutions.

But that is not the best way to start.


Why Is Your Digital Marketing in China Not Working?

Many companies start their digital marketing in China without a strategy.

If you are the one of them, you would understand the following simple facts after 6 months, one year, or even longer.

  • Your Chinese website is not fully localized
  • You are not on the right channels / platforms
  • You are bringing low quality traffic that would never bring results
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    You are following the western way to do digital marketing, but here is China

So, is there any way to change this?

Start With A Pilot Research

My practice is start a pilot research project with you, to understand the business and competition situation, and come up with a detailed plan for the next step.

Do Your Research

Understand the market situation


  1. ​Who are your competitors?
  2. ​Where are they visible in China online platforms?
  3. ​What is their digital marketing performance?
  4. ​Who is working the best? and what are they doing?
  5. ​What are their unique selling points?

Potential Customers

  1. ​Who are potential customers?
  2. ​Where are they? e.g.: will they appear in industrial groups? forums, or communities?
  3. ​What is a typical client? and how to describe a typical decision maker in your customer companies?
  4. ​What would they like to read?
  5. ​What will drive them to work with you?

Keywords Analysis

  1. What are the industrial keywords?
  2. What about the traffic of these keywords?
  3. What will bring the most valuable traffic to your website?
  4. What keywords is the most competitive and what might bring best ROI?
  5. Prepare a keywords list for SEO and Content writing.

Customized Proposal

Detailed plan for the next step

Content Planning

  1. Understanding the Business
  2. What would be the market concern?
  3. What are top hits in the market?
  4. How could you write better content?
  5. Prepare a content writing workflow and some content ideas.

Platform Choices

  1. What platforms might be better for the client?
  2. The competitors in different platforms
  3. Cost analysis on different platforms.

According to the depth of the work, typically one pilot research can be done from one to four weeks.

Bring Real Results

We understand you want to bring real results.

You want to bring more leads and inquiries through the digital marketing in China.

You can only achieve this after building a working system through consistent efforts on your website and some chosen big Chinese platforms.

You will build the brand awareness through talking to potential customers, answering questions in your market, sharing industrial knowledge and useful information, and launching interesting online or offline events.

Common Digital Marketing Problems

The key problem with digital marketing in China is that many companies do not know how to build a solid foundation of quality content, which brings real value to the target audience.

You need to focus on the conversions more than other things.

A good system with sufficient great content will bring consistent leads for a long run.

But it requires the good knowledge of your business and the understanding of the target market.

My expertise is helping companies build this content tower from the bottom to top, avoiding common mistakes.

You can start your content planning from the very beginning to brainstorm some brilliant content ideas first.

Before making a right digital marketing strategy, I strongly recommend you can start from a pilot project of discovery consulting.

Basic Modules of Digital Marketing in China

​Building brand awareness needs a long term consistent efforts and the client need a reliable and professional partner.

The essential disciplines of Chinese marketing mainly include the following:

  • Weibo marketing
  • WeChat marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Q&A marketing
  • Chinese SEO
  • We Media
  • QQ marketing
  • Online Community Marketing
  • Group marketing
  • Forum Marketing

If you find some dedicated platforms, or vertical industrial communities that you want to focus on, prepare dedicated resources and make action plans.

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