Inbound marketing for your business in China

When businesses need better inbound marketing strategies to get better results, they come to us.

Best Niche, Best Priorities

We help you reach Ideal Customers

Results-oriented approach to market research, strategy, and marketing automation helps you scale to your full potential. 

How we can help

There are 3 Pillars that Truly Matter to Build a Successful Business in China.

Establish & Optimize your working sales funnel for China market

Understand the Market

Competitive Analysis

Find your opportunities in China and know your target audience.

Figure out who your competitors are and what they do.

Develop the Strategy

Marketing & Branding

A sustainable business is started with a right strategy.

Find out your best approach and formulate the action plans.

Localize & Bring Results

Sales Funnel & System

Struggling with the implementation and localization?

Many things could be easier if it's organized and in the right way.

Get Your Job Done

Your Great Team in China



I have worked with Chao closely on many projects. Chao is a great person and highly skilled in business. He is a real pro in helping foreign companies set up companies and offices in China. Chao is also very gifted and skilled in sales and marketing. He is an excellent fit for foreign companies looking to promote their products and services in China. If you need to do business in China as a foreign company, Chao is the guy to contact.

Frank Goley ABC Business Consulting, USA