China Inbound Marketing

Attracting More Leads Automatically

It is totally different.

Inbound attracts leads, overcome cultural barriers

Getting sufficient leads is always a challenge due to many cultural and regulation reasons, especially for foreign brands.

  • Inbound Marketing brings ideal leads right to you
  • Understand the market: know your customers, know your competitors
  • Provide your audience with valuable information and helpful solutions
  • Build trust and bring more qualified leads into your sales funnel

What is Inbound Marketing?

We help you build an effective sales funnel, bring more qualified leads:

1. Attracting your audience with helpful and relevant content

2. Build trust by solving their pain points, providing ongoing helpful advice

3. Lead them to click the buttons of "Buy", "Inquiry"...

Turn Your Prospects into Customers

The leads nurturing process is critical. The essence of a sales funnel is turning prospects into customers.

It is actually a combination of personalized messages & content, curated lists, lead scoring, clever workflows, and alignment between sales and marketing.

It is an art of business and a science of customer development. While it seems complicated, we can handle it.

Create and Optimize Your Automatic Sales Machine

Invest your money in the right place.

The best asset is a powerful sales machine, it is running well and bringing continuous clients automatically with high ROI.

We help you create a tailor made strategy and roadmap based on your goals, build and optimize your automatic sales machine for your real business results.

Chinese Email Marketing

Effective, High ROI listing building and persuasive email copywriting for the China Market.

Wechat Marketing

Facilitate Your China Business through the most effective online marketing platform

Chinese Copywriting

Build your authority with right Chinese content.

Chinese Social Media Marketing 

Create an Authentic Chinese Social Presence and Delight Your Chinese Customers!

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