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ChineseSkill vs Duolingo: Who will be successful in Chinese Learning?

  • I don’t like to use Apps such as Duolingo. I prefer to use the Duolingo website. Are there any plans to make a ChineseSkill website?

  • Ni hao, I have been studying Putonghua for ten years and am still not fluent. It would be very difficult to try to learn hanza and pinyin at the same time. It would be more useful to just use pinyin which is the alphabet that most people know. I have been to China and they understand me. Zhongua hen piao-liang. Best of luck to all.. zai jian Jane W.

    • Sometimes, I will ask mandarin learners focus on listening and speaking only, it will be way much faster to communicate in Chinese if writing and reading are not that important to them.
      Chinese characters are the major barriers for beginners.