Fundamental Rules of Chinese Copywriting

China Interests Communities

Study Customer Behaviors

People are more comfortable to be in communities with same interests.

You can join China interests communities to study what people really think.

You can also establish your own Interests communities.

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China Product Communities

Involve Customers In the Production

These years, more and more companies are building product communities to involve their customers and potential customer into their design and production processes.

Particularly many China mobile phone manufacturers are doing quite well on this.

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Introduction to Chinese Community Marketing

Build Your Chinese Industrial Forum

Your Vertical Forum in China?

Have you considered building your vertical forum in China?

You can gather potential customers directly.

And naturally build your brand awareness.

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Find Potential Chinese Customers Through Vertical Forums

Convert Readers to Customers

In vertical forums, you can easily find your potential customers.

Provide practical information and experience.

Influence your precise target market and build your expert image.

People will come to you when they need something

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Build Brand Awareness in China Through Biggest Forums

Forums Are Still Working

Blogs and Forums are traditional ways of digital marketing.

Many new platforms and apps are coming out these years in China.

Some people achieved business miracles by these new tools.

And many young digital marketers are busy learning new things all the time.

Actually, Forum marketing is still working.

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Chinese Blog Marketing Secrets

The First Tip

The first tip for a successful blog marketing is:

Long-term dedicated efforts is the key to success.

Plan your business from a strategic perspective.

Do not always seek for instant money return.

When you've built established blogs with sufficient high quality content .

Actually you will have numerous opportunities and a money making machine.

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