eBooks and Blogs Work Together

Reputation Comes From Your Daily Efforts

When you spend sufficient time regularly on your blogs.

As time goes by, you will accumulate  dozens of, or even hundreds of articles.

If they are unique, original and better than other articles out there.

They will naturally bring you steady growing traffic.

You can step further to combing eBook marketing with Blog marketing.

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Start Your China Blog Marketing

Blogging is Traditional, But Effective

Good Blogging also works in Chinese digital marketing.

The success of blog marketing needs longterm dedicated efforts and many people will give up easily.

Many Chinese bloggers build their reputation through writing articles continuously.

Chinese Search engines also love good original content.

Good bloggers get huge free traffic through their classical Q&As and professional articles.

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China Document Sharing Platforms

Get High Traffic From Document Sharing

Chinese people love to search documents online.

Smart digital marketers know this is a great way of marketing.

Files on document sharing websites are easy to get higher rank on search engines.

Uploading your ebooks to China document sharing platforms is direct, simple and very effective.

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Promote Your eBook

Eyes On Your Future

Writing a Book is not easy.

You need to devote your time to

- Study further to become the real expert.  

- Keep writing high quality content.

Writing books needs time, and it won't be an overnight success.

Many people quit before they finish their first book (or ebook).

That is how you can stand out from your competitors.

When they are busy selling products, people are coming for you.

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Plan Your Own eBook

You Can Write A Book Too

Many experts have written their own books.

Well written books can impact thousands, or even millions of people.

 Becoming an author can change your life.

It's not that easy to write a good book, to be honest.

But don't be scared.

Nowadays, you can do it in a much easier way.

With a good plan, you can create valuable text, image, voices or even videos consistently, and compile them into eBooks.

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Organic Traffic To Your Q&As

Strong Demand for Q&A Content

People are looking for answers all the time in search engines.

Pages with right questions will win more traffic and get higher position in search results.

Making your Q&As visible to more people really needs some skills.

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Build Your Own Q&A Platform

Most Attractive Content

Potential customers are those asking precise questions.

They would buy products from those who can provide precise answers.

It's easy to find relevant questions on established Q&A platforms.

When you've done this job well, 

You can step further.

 Build Your Own Q&A Platform!

Publish the questions and answers on your own website.

These are the most attractive content and will be found by your potential customers.

This kind of marketing is more direct and effective.

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Be An Expert On Q&A Platforms

A Quick Way to Be A KOL

Find a niche market and answer most questions in a professional way.

This is a quick way to build your authority in this market.

You will get noticed by your target audience.

Your potential customers are searching relevant questions.

Many of them will follow you if they think you are professional.

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