When Would a Chinese Consumer Buy from Your Web Store?

Attract Chinese Buyers to Your Online Shop

Now You can enter China market at a much lower cost with a significant number of potential Chinese cross-border online shoppers out there.

And it is pretty efficient.

It is true that China sells various types of goods around the world.

In the mean time, Chinese buers love western brands, esp. luxury goods, infant formulas, healthcare products, cosmetics, etc.

Chinese buyers want to access to more foreign brands in an easier way, and they are ready to pay a premium for high-end products.

It is the good timing to get more Chinese buyers.

You can fully localize your web store, you can provide direct shipping to China, you can support Chinese customer service.When Would a Chinese Consumer Buy from Your Web Store? When Would a Chinese Consumer Buy from Your Web Store?(Photo by Chao: In Southern Georgia, USA, Oct. 2016, I love the bales of the three little pigs)


When Would a Chinese Consumer Buy from Your Web Store?

Before expecting more orders from Chinese consumers, you need to ensure several things have been done on your web store.


Is your product special or better than those already existing in the China market?


Would the overall price be lower after the shipping, customs duty and foreign exchange losses?

Be clear and transparent in this.

Discount & Coupons

Chinese customers loves discounts and promotions.

Look at the amazing results of the past Singles' day. See 2016 Singles’ Day: World’s Biggest Shopping Event


Would my shopping experience be as good as shopping with a Chinese merchants?

  • product display,
  • product description,
  • purchase process,
  • reviews etc


Do you speak Chinese?

If you do not have a Chinese version, it is not a localized website from the very beginning.

Also, do you provide Chinese customer service?

A Working Chinese Website

Could I finish the registration and use the shopping cart without any troubles?

I could not even finish my registration in Delta Airline's Chinese website. See Flying experience in My US Travel.

If customers can not use your website, how coule they buy?

You need to do the test all the time to correct the mistakes and improve the user experience.

Online Customer Service

Could I ask questions about products interactively while shopping?

It is common that Chinese merchants provide live chat around 16 hours per day.

Also, Could I talk to your representative in Chinese?

Currency Conversion

Could I know how much it is in Chinese Renminbi (Chinese local currency)?


Could I pay with my most convenient payment tool?

Typical popular payment options in China:

  • UnionPay
  • Alipay
  • WePay


Would the fulfillment/delivery be hassle free and quick?

Do you support direct shipping?

The only reason I did not buy the boostapak car seat from Trunki official store is that they do not support direct shipping to China. See Finally, I Got A Trunki Hello Kitty Boostapak.

Do you support shipping if I am in a third tier city in China?

Guaranteed Genuine

How do you tell real from the fake ones?

It is the major reason why they buy from you.

Returns and After Sales Service

Could I return or replace my product?

Ensure you will be responsible even when you ship directly from your country of origin.

A good example is Emily’s New 3Doodler Start Pen , I got the replacement from their Hongkong branch after reporting the issue when there was some issue with the one I bought.

Though I bought the start kit from offline store at Brookstone in Boston, I definitely would love to buy the plastic strands and other new products from their official web store in the future.

Website Speed

Can I open your website?

Some foreign websites are loading very slow in China.

Be sure to test your website and you might consider change your hosting if it does not work well.


Chinese Localization Strategy

There seems a lot of work to do, and it is.

Some New Game Players in China Import eCommerce have done a good job, while many still need a lot of improvements.

Do your research and prepare a localization strategy if you don't have a good one.

I help foreign business owners make a right China market entry strategy, it is mainly about localization, either for marketing or for operations.

I will diaganoze your website store to see how to improve the Chinese version.

We will spend some time in the research and analysis, together with some tests.

A good localization strategy is worth your investment before spending huge money in the marketing.

Let's Chat if you need any help.

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