China Trademark Registration

China Trademark Registration

In China it is important that you register your trademark, before it is too late.

Trademarks are registered under a “first come first serve” basis in China.

Requirements for China Trademark Registration

  • A trademark application has to be filed before the Trademark Office by a local agent.
  • A signed power of attorney is necessary.
  • Foreign applicants do not need a domestic company registration.
  • Foreign applicants can only file through an officially recognized agent.
  • A copy of the business certificate (if the applicant is a company) or a copy of the applicant’s ID card or passport (if the applicant is an individual) is required.
SinoStep China Trademark Registration Services
SinoStep China Trademark Registration Services

NOTE: 1 class covers 10 class items. For each additional class item beyond the 10th item for each class there is an extra fee. Based on the exact amount of class items, we will confirm the cost.

China Trademark Registration Procedures:

  • Step 1: Define the trademark class
  • Step 2: Perform Trademark search
  • Step 3: Preparation of application documents
  • Step 4: Submit application to Beijing Trademark Office
  • Step 5: Examination by Trademark Office
  • Step 6: If no rejection from trademark office, an announcement will be issued
  • Step 7: If no objection from general public (after the publish of announcement), trademark certificate will be issued after one month

On average, the time required to complete the registration process shall takes 24 months.

ACT NOW, before it is too late. You may lose your trademark FOREVER.

Step 1: Pre-filing Search

  • First class:$250
  • Each additional class:$200

Step 2: Trademark Registration Request

  • First class:$640
  • Each additional class:$600

Step 3: Final Registration/Certificate

  • First class:$200
  • Each additional class:$150
  • Pre-filing search is not compulsory in China. But it is highly recommended.
  • Pre-filing search is limited to the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of People’s Republic of China (CTMO)’s database only.
  • Pre-filing search report delivered in 15 working days by email.
  • All fees quoted above do not include delivery fees.
  • Fees covers both our service fees and official filing fees.
  • Fees for trademark registration request listed above cover no more than 10 items of products or services in each class. Each item in excess of 10 will be charged with an extra fee of USD30.
  • All fees quoted above do not include delivery fees.
  • Estimated Process Duration: 15 months
  • All fees quoted above do not include delivery fees.

 How Does It Work

  • Send your request via our contact form and we will send over the invoice, you will have more payment options then.
  • We will email you an application form after your payment is processed.
  • Fill out the application form, answer the questions and provide all the supporting documents.
  • We will proceed and you will be notified of any update during the registration process.

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