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Developing Exceptional Chinese Name for Your Business: Chinese Brand Name Development

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Suitable for: Brand Names / Corporate names / Service names / Product names / App Names


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Suitable for companies which need in-depth research


  • 2 naming experts
  • creative brainstorming
  • focus on mandarin Chinese
  • name research on domain name
  • up to 2 rounds of brand name evaluation
  • up to 2 phone/skype session with client
  • delivery around 5 weeks
  • 2 naming experts
  • creative brainstorming
  • test in all 4 major Chinese languages
  • name research on corporate name and domain name
  • up to 3 rounds of brand name evaluation
  • up to 3 phone/skype sessions with client
  • focus group review
  • delivery around 8 weeks
  • 3 naming experts
  • creative brainstorming
  • test in all 4 major Chinese languages
  • name research on trademark, corporate name and domain name
  • up to 5 rounds of brand name evaluation
  • up to 4 phone/skype sessions with client
  • focus group review
  • test in all 4 major Chinese languages
  • delivery around 12-15 weeks

How It Works?

→ 1. Buy the name product on this page, or you will have more payment options when you get our invoice.

→ 2. Fill out the contact form and click “Develop My Brand Name, and we will send over an invoice and a Chinese naming development request form for you to finish.

→ 3. We will study your business and get started with the name development after your payment is processed.

→ 4. Get the name report.

6-Step Chinese Brand Name Development Process

Step 1. Brand Positioning

Tell us your stories, business positioning, market situation, and your competitors.

Step 2. Creative Brainstorming

A process of creative brainstorming together between you and our naming experts will generate several brand name ideas.

Step 3. Chinese Brand Name Evaluation

We will evaluate the names from different perspectives.

Your name should be easy to remember, easy to pronounce and free from negative social, political, historical, or psychological associations.

Your candidate names will be valued and graded according to social, cultural, legal and sensory criteria.

You will also understand Chinese connotations and meanings behind the texts.

Step 4. Business Name Research

We will also need to conduct the trademark research and domain research, corporate name will be included if you want to register your local company.

Step 5. Brand Launch

We will assist you to make the final decision by reviewing scores and grades of all the candidate names.

When you make the choice. It’s time to work on the registration to protect your new property.

Step 6. Name Consulting

You can also get support on anything relevant with Chinese Brand name, whether it is cultural or business question.

Test in All Major Chinese Languages

It is necessary to test your candidate names in all major Chinese languages.

Chinese is a group of several languages, some are very distinctive.

  • Mandarin: Mandarin Chinese is now the most useful business language after English
  • Taiwanese (MinNan Dialect or Hokkien): is widely used in Taiwan
  • Cantonese: widely used in Canton area of mainland China, Hongkong, Macau, and Chinese communities worldwide.
  • Shanghainese: an important local dialect in Shanghai, the strategic local big market in China.

Want a REAL CHINESE Name? Avoid these common mistakes

Real Chinese-style names show a level of seriousness and respect towards Chinese culture.

The following are typical wrong ways to get a Chinese name.

  • Use any online Chinese name auto-generator.
  • Ask non-native speakers to make one up for you.
  • Ask random people on the Internet to think of one for you.
  • Ask random Chinese native speaker you know to think of one for you.
  • Ask random people to check or evaluate your Chinese name.

People are doing the above quite a lot, even for their business names.

It’s such a bad idea because there are so many cultural nuances involved with finding an appropriate Chinese name.

You always end up with

  • A typical “foreign name”.
  • A nonsense name.
  • A ridiculous and funny name.
  • A name that looks strange.
  • A name that sounds awful, or weird.
  • A name of a notorious villain in a classic novel, in a popular drama or movie, or in the history.
  • A name with unlucky meaning.

Many Chinese native speakers still need to consult Chinese Name experts for a good name.

You need a good name to start too!

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