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China Trade Shows Services | China Marketing Events

Attending China trade shows or marketing events is a quick way to test the market and connect potential buyers in China.

SinoStep can help you with various marketing events or trade shows.

Sinostep: China Trade Shows Services | China Marketing Events
Sinostep: China Trade Shows Services | China Marketing Events

China Trade Show Support and Assistance

China Trade show support and assistance covers all the needed steps to be prepared for attending a trade show. The services would include

  • performing targeted research
  • contacting potential business partners
  • planning the trip
  • scheduling activities and meetings

Prepare for China trade shows and marketing events

  • Organize marketing events, trade shows or trade fairs in Hongkong, China, Taiwan or necessary places.
  • Booking China trade fair, Canton Fair, China trade shows
  • Trade show booth display design and set up.
  • Logistics for all the samples and marketing materials
  • Design all your marketing materials and get the China printing services

Strong Support at China trade shows and marketing events

  • Quality assurance of product samples from manufacturer
  • Arrange product exhibitions and stock showrooms
  • Arrange meetings with potential customers
  • Assist in the sales cycle.

Many of our clients, after having taken part at a trade show, make use of our China Business Development or China Sales Starter service, as well as a local office presence as corporate representation for their company.

This way they have a direct local business contact to their local customers. From here, they can better take advantage of opportunities that will help to efficiently expand their network.

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