China Recruitment

China Recruitment

Finding best talents can be one of the most challenging task for your business in China.

SinoStep focuses on the China market to recruit local and foreign talents for you.

You can outsource part or all of their recruitment process to us.

Working with us is a perfect partnership for your hiring needs in China.

Recruitment Process Services

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Create Job Descriptions for Each Position
  • Recruitment Plan Development, esp. for harder to place positions
  • Job Posting Services
  • Resume and Application Screening
  • New Media Candidates Sourcing 
  • Interview Schedule and Arrangements
  • Background and Reference Checks
  • Invitation for Interviews: including cold calls
  • Language Check
  • Candidates Interviews
  • Employment Coordination and Offer Negotiation

You Benefit From Our Dedication

  • We take the time to understand your business culture, ensuring we submit only the best candidates to your business.
  • We source directly for you.
  • We convince best candidates that the best time to move it now.
  • We design the best recruitment strategy for your business.
  • We work with your senior partners and hiring managers directly, trouble shoot any problems you may be facing.

Headhunting Service

Senior Positions

  • CEO, Director, Country Manager and some harder to place positions
  • Annual Salary USD50,000, and above
  • 33%-50% of the candidate’s total first year annual earnings.
  • Onboard: 3-6 months.

Standard Positions

  • Annual Salary lower than USD50,000
  • 25%-33% of the candidate’s total first year annual earnings.
  • Onboard: Within 3 months

Annual Earnings

refers to

  • basic annual salary
  • commission
  • annual bonus
  • any company shares or options, extra service fee USD500 for each 1%, and starting from USD2000


  • 50% on acceptance of the assignment
  • 50% on the day the successful applicant starts.


Hourly Contract Service

  • Senior Positions: $200.00/hour
  • Standard Positions: $100.00/hour

This includes our major recruitment service offerings.

We spend the amount of time you are comfortable with doing phone screens, follow-up calls, networking calls, Internet sourcing and pre-qualifying.

You get a qualified candidate ready to interview.

Job Posting & Resume Screening Service

We will discuss the exact coverage for each position.

Relevant Services

Tell us about your specific needs, we will get back to you with a customized analysis
We customize solutions to your specific needs and your goal is the same for us.

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