China eCommerce Strategy

Now It Seems Much Easier to Sell Online to China, It is True. But More Important is to Increase Your Traffic and Turn It into Profits. Have You Got A China eCommerce Strategy?

Through cross-border eCommerce, You get a ticket to feel the market much faster than before. But a successful brand is not built overnight.

With a working China eCommerce strategy,You can join China market with low cost and high efficiency.

Start with A Discovery Consultation for a Dedicated Proposal


For individual and small business


  • delivery within around 1 week
  • a dedicated market research proposal
  • one 30-min telephone/skype consultation session
Small business: annual revenue up to $1M


For small to medium business


  • delivery within around 2 weeks
  • a dedicated market research proposal
  • one 60-min telephone/skype consultation session
Small business: annual revenue up to $1M


For every serious business


  • delivery within around 4 weeks
  • a dedicated market research proposal
  • up to two telephone/skype consultation session
Small business: annual revenue up to $1M

How It Works?

  • You can pay for the discovery contract through Paypal, or send your request via our contact form and we will send over the invoice, you will have more payment options then.
  • Fill in the China eCommerce service request form that we will email you after your payment is processed.
  • Describe your detailed situation and challenges with supporting documents.
  • We evaluate your needs, talk further with you to agree on a certain job scope.
  • We offer a formal proposal and issue the invoice for your confirmation.
  • Project starts after payment is done.
  • We reserve the right to decline the request if your demand is outside of our expertise.

Know Your Challenges

Let’s face the challenges ahead and adapt your business to this dynamic new market.

  • A long value chain
  • Fragmented channel
  • Branding from zero
  • Understand Chinese customers

A right full service partner will help you out.

I know it’s hard, but it’s critical.

First-class Full Range e-commerce Services

A. China eCommerce Strategy Consulting

For the eCommerce success of Your brand, You need a right strategy first.

  • Needs analysis
  • Industry research
  • Omni channel strategy & development cadence
  • Marketing planning
  • Localization advice

You will understand which way suits you best and know the step by step approaches.

The customized strategy is all based on your situation and brand recognition.

B. China eCommerce Operations

You will have a a dedicated operations team for each store in China.

We are responsible for the overall sales performance of the store: Merchandising and Site Content Management.

  • Integrated product management: product positioning, pricing strategy, SKU layout, selling point, campaigns design, etc.
  • Customized visual services: shop decoration and design, product page, event page, page makeup, etc.
  • Marketing promotion: marketing campaign planning, event operation, etc. including inner platform promotion and outer platform promotion, such as station express, drill exhibition.
  • Customer service: telephone customer service, Alitalk customer service, QQ online customer service and Wechat customer service.
  • Logistics and warehouse

C. China eCommerce Management

  • Market price monitoring
  • Distribution authorization management
  • intellectual property cooperation
  • Price system control and management

D. Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Baidu SEM (Baidu PPC)
  • Baidu SEO
  • Taobao DSP accurate delivery and CPS / CPA delivery
  • Taobao express
  • Social Media Marketing (Weibo Marketing)
  • Wechat Marketing
  • Multi-platform activity marketing
  • Media buying services.

 E. Sell Through Channel Partners

SinoStep help you develop more channels and expand your sales network.

You will get more exposures through all the strong and wide channel partners.

it includes platforms and distributors, online and offline.

  • B2B platforms
  • B2C platforms
  • Micro malls
  • Online and offine Distributors

F. Value Added Services

  • Building your independent official website
  • Corporate services
  • Trademark registration
  • Chinese translation services
China eCommerce Marketing
SinoStep China eCommerce Marketing

Localization is the key to Your China eCommerce success

  • Cultural
  • Language
  • Currency
  • Habits of Customers
  • Payment Gateway
  • Logistics
  • Time Zone
  • Customer Support
  • Local Regulations

Does Your Chinese Website Convert Traffic to Sales?

eCommerce Website Chinese Localization, Development & Design

  • We can see so many online business stores with Chinese version actually have a poor localization job in the view of the Chinese target audience.
  • SinoStep website localization is much more complicated than a simple document translation and a successful website localization (link to the website localization service) is step one of your China marketing strategy.
  • Front-end shop design & China User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) optimization based on local best practices
  • Integration of local functions: Chinese checkout & payment solutions (Alipay), online chat, China trust symbols, etc.
  • Support in ICP license registration, Local domain, local hosting, or CDN service
  • System integration with Order Management System (OMS), CRM, Point-of-Sales system (POS), etc.

Creating Top Online Shopping Experience for Consumers

  • Evaluate the market through proper market research
  • Create appropriate strategy of market entry
  • Handle necessary procedures and local tasks, legal, financial, operational…
  • Set Up of TaobaoTmall Shop, standalone China E-Commerce store & other eShops (JD, Amazon)
  • Find Suitable partners in various aspects
  • Succeed with SinoStep affordable Online Marketing Packages
  • Increase your brand awareness

You can get your business running as quickly as possible and get effective help in the right time.

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