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Top 20 Must Have Apps in China for Travellers and Expats

Looking for must have apps in China before your plane takes off?

We've rounded the 20+ best apps in China to make your China travel easier.

A simple guide of best apps that work in China for foreign  travelers. 

Best VPN Apps in China

Some apps don’t work in China since they are blocked by the GFW. It is a must to use Best VPNs for China to access your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, etc.

Best VPN Apps for China

Best VPN For China

I personally tried many other VPNs, and finally decided to stay with ExpressVPN since it is the most reliable one.

When you are travelling to China, it is the best choice to ensure a stable connection to Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, ...

  • I can use it on up to 3 different devices at the same time.
  • One VPN client for all your devices.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Best Value Service

New, Cheaper, Faster, Stable VPN For China.

The speed is super fast most of the time.

  • Unlimited devices.
  • 30 days refund policy
  • 24/7 live support
  • Good price below market average
  • Easy-to-use applications
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36 Things to Check Before Launching a Website in China

Launching a website in ChinaYou are probably quite stressful when launching a website in China, typically when it is your first time. Building a website that can sell in China requires a fully localized Chinese web design. A couple of things could go very, very wrong if you are not aware of the basic rules. Well, today you’re in for a […]
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Chao Startup Club: I Got 9 Chinese Paid Members in the First 24 Hours

Chao Startup Club Inspired by a Coder Chao Startup Club is a paid membership Q&A Community focusing on startup and freelancing topics. I started it under my name on Mar. 3, 2017. The idea of Chao Startup Club was inspired by a coder, who planned to start up his own business in the coming year. He read my articles in Zhihu, […]
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How do I create a WeChat account with a QQ number?

You need a mobile phone number to create a WeChat account with your QQ.

The mobile number could be only used for registration purpose.

You can hire a China virtual assistant to do this for you, or you can use any mobile phone number that Tencent supports.

create a WeChat account with a QQ number


  • login page, click “Sign Up”.
  • Nickname, mobile phone number, password, avatar, Click “ Sign up”.
  • confirm the mobile phone number, click “OK”.
  • You will get the verification code from WeChat, input it in the blank.
  • Choose if you want to add contacts in address book, or just skip it.
  • Click “Link QQ to find more friends” in the WeChat interface.
  • Input your QQ number and password.
  • Finish the Link, back to Home, click “Me”-”Setting”
  • Click “Phone”, Then Click “…” on the Top right
  • Click “Unlink ” to unlink the mobile phone number.

Tadaa… Now you can use QQ to login WeChat directly.


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Three situations You were deleted When you visit his/her personal page, there will be thumbnail pictures of the moments in personal album, Nothing will be shown in the moments. She/He blocked you You can see neither thumbnail pictures in the personal page nor anything in the moments. You were blocked, but still in the contact […]
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Webchat Moments: First Series of Ads Released

bmw First series of Wchat moments ads were released at around 20:00p.m. on Jan. 25, 2015,  and it quickly became the hottest topic on China social media.

The 3 advertisers are BMW China, Vivo Mobile Phone and Coca Cola. Unlike the official testing ads by Wechat Team, these 3 ads could be seen by selected wechat users. Continue reading Webchat Moments: First Series of Ads Released

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Same Business, Different Names: Internet startups in the World and their counterparts in China

Everyone knows China has a lot of internet users. Those successful internet startups in the world markets will choose China as a strategic potential market. However, Culture matters enormously, most of the internet titans failed in China, please check my previous blog: Failures of Global Companies in China: Ignorance of the Market Differences in China In the […]
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