New Age of Wechat: Moments of Ads

Just a moment ago, we see this testing ads from wechat official account

 Ads are part of real life

You can not hide

They were not evil

They just did not understand you

We are trying

to make some change


moments of Ads


Design of Wechat Ads on Moments


  1. Image + Text: Ads on moments are similar as normal message on moments, multiple images are supported.

  2. Link: "view details" link of the ads, linking to the landing page.

  3. "Promotion" Text and hide button: "Promotion" is marked on the top-right of the ads and users can hide ads.

  4. Comments and likes supported: like normal message on Moments, users can like or comment on message content. Wechat friends can view comments and likes.

Active Social Portal

Wechat Moments has been an important web portal of information.

According to Zhang Xiaolong, the product manager of wechat, 20% users pick subscription accounts. and 80% users are reading at moments.

It is estimated that 5.86 articles were read by each active wechat user on average.


Why "Circle of Friends"  is popular

Wechat Moments in Chinese is called 朋友圈 (Circle of Friends), Most people only add friends they are familiar, or at least they know.

People prefer sharing more personal update on Wechat moments than Weibo, and this is just the reason why many Chinese users frequently refreshing Wechat Moments

This is different from Weibo, which is more open, and many strangers can follow you.


Not  "Circle of Friends"  Anymore?

In the beginning, you will be excited and willing to buy some products from your friends when they recommends something on wechat.

However, what do you think when more and more friends on your "Circle of Friends"  become "weishang" (micro online business seller), and spamming your feeds with their products.

This is what happened to Moments now.

Most common products on Moments.

  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Bags
  • Imported Food
  • Financial products
  • Travel products

It will be a challenge for Wechat to balance the needs of the users.

and it's expected to regulate the existing spamming ads, very soon.


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