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New IOS 10: What Do Chinese Consumers Care The Most

You heard the Chinese terms of “Didi”, “Dianping” from the lips of speakers in Apple’s WWDC 2016.

We can see a number of updates and new features aimed at China users.


Very soon, Siri can support sending messages to wechat, Apple watch can recognize Chinese characters, Apple Maps can book rides on Didi, and you can get spam call alert.

Chinese developers are also very excited about the opening up services of Siri, iMessage and Maps.

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Same Business, Different Names: Internet startups in the World and their counterparts in China

Everyone knows China has a lot of internet users. Those successful internet startups in the world markets will choose China as a strategic potential market. However, Culture matters enormously, most of the internet titans failed in China, please check my previous blog: Failures of Global Companies in China: Ignorance of the Market Differences in China In the […]
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