Best Map App in China That Works

With a good map app in China, you will never get lost.

Here is a list of best map apps that you can use in China. 


Best Map Apps in China

1. Apple Maps 苹果地图

Apple Maps

Apple Maps in China is becoming solid after IOS 9 released in 2015.

And the map data is licensed from AutoNavi.

It offers a decent level of detail and accuracy for most locations.

The problem is, not everyone has an iPhone.

2. Baidu Maps 百度地图

Baidu Maps

Since Google (and therefore Google Maps) is blocked in China, this is the best way to properly navigate around town.

However, you need to be able to type in Chinese! The app works the same like Google Maps, which lets you calculate directions. 

If you use Android, you could only use the Chinese version.

But if you use IOS, just set your phone language into English, the App will display in English.

Baidu Maps makes it possible to check accurate bus schedules and even shows you prices for taxis!

3. AMap (Formerly Autonavi Navigation) 高德导航

Autonavi Navigation

Amap (Autonavi Navigation) is China’s most popular in-car GPS with maps iPhone app.

Amap is another popular Chinese map app with an English interface. It provides detailed and accurate maps and is widely used by locals.

You can download offline map packs by city and province.

4. Google Maps 谷歌地图

Google Maps, Best Maps App in China

An alternative solution.

Google Maps is widely considered the best English map app in many parts of the world.

However, due to restrictions in China, Google Maps isn't as reliable or accurate there.

It is fully available in English and makes it easy to navigate around even if you don’t speak the language. 

So if you don't mind taking it as a reference, you can use it.

The Power Pack: Google Maps + VPN

As for now, this google-powered service is blocked and cannot work in China without VPN. We recommend you to use Google Maps together with a stable VPN service. So you don’t need to bother installing other Map Apps.

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Best VPN Apps for China

Best VPN For China

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Keep in mind that China's mapping and navigation landscape is constantly changing, so always double-check for the latest information and user reviews to find the best app for your needs.

Now, It's Your Turn.

What's the Best China Map App in Your Eyes?

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