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Make Your Chinese Website or Apps Really Sell

Get professional and instant feedback from the China market entry expert.

  • Ensure your business concept for the China market is right on the track.
  • Identify the behaviors of your successful Chinese customers.
  • Correct localization mistakes through detailed Chinese localization check.
  • Accelerate your Chinese user on-boarding.
  • Get insights on your design, work flows.

What’s In the Expert Review?

We will review your website or apps from the Chinese customers’ point of view, based on industry best practices, standards and research.

  • Customer Profile
  • Navigation
  • Copywriting
  • Look and feel
  • Functionality
  • Features & Benefits
  • Localization

We will create a detailed report briefing the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement with our advice.

Why Do You Need an Expert Review?

Poor usability can ruin your business, especially new business. Make sure you are in the right way in the brand new Chinese market on early stage.

An Expert Review is a cost-effective approach to get invaluable advice within a short period of time. It’s worth your investment to avoid a big waste of money in the wrong direction.

You will know how to deploy resources on your web products and make a working plan.

Make your website or apps more usable, and it will bring more businesses.


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