How to Build A Right Chinese Website That Works In China

by Cheng Chao

44-page ebook, last updated: Jun.10th, 2017

10 Steps to Build A Successful One

Step 1. Register Your Domain Name
Step 2. Set Up Your Email Server
Step 3. Where to Put Your Website: Web Hosting
Step 4. Easy to Build: CMS and Shopping Cart
Step 5. Get A Great Web Design
Step 6. Make Your Web Content Attractive
Step 7. Define Your Functions and Develop Them
Step 8. Test Your Website
Step 9. Chinese Localization Check
Step 10. Track, Analyze, and Optimize

About the Author


Cheng Chao has extensive expertise in China market entry strategy, global translation & localization, cross-border business development, and global digital marketing.

Since 2011, Chao has served as the managing director of SinoStep, a consulting agency helping foreign investment enter into the China market. Backed up with a strong team of China business consultants experienced in different sectors, Chao has successfully introduced dozens of overseas brands into the China market, established their operations in China on early stage and adapted their businesses to the China market.

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Building a website for the China market is a tough job for most overseas companies aiming to sell to China.

You may find many free online information about building a Chinese website, however, there is no practical guide like this one.
Enjoy your reading and let me know if you have any questions.

Your Web Challenges in China

In the internet age, a good website is your best sales representative working 24 hours a day. It is true for either domestic or international market.

But it is full of challenges to build an effective website for the China market, even if you know how it works in the western world.

Common Problems

  • Poor Content
  • Slow Loading
  • No Traffic
  • No Sales, and No Inquiries

My Website Story

I’ve started building websites since 1999.

I learned HTML and CSS all by myself. It was amazing to find out that you can control all the formats and turn your ideas in the screen.

My first website was built for a girl. It looked pretty neat then with some animated pictures although they were quite simple.

After I quit my full-time sales job from a large IT company, I built a number of forums, blogs, web stores for my own business. People came to me to build different kinds of websites for them.

Some are very simple gallery style sites, and some are very sophisticated complete eCommerce web stores.

Today you are very lucky to reach numerous resources and mature technology out there. You can easily build a simple website with powerful functions.

But for China market,You need to handle the Chinese localization well and understand real Chinese customers.

My Business: Chinese Website Expert Review & China Market Entry Strategy

I took care of dozens of Chinese website localization projects. Unlike standard document translation, these website localization jobs are more about diagnostics and consulting. There are many common mistakes for all these websites.

In 2010, I started, my China market entry consulting service, helping foreign investment companies establish their operations in China on early stage and adapt their businesses to the China market.

My role changed to be more strategic and most of my clients love to include Chinese website localization and Chinese digital marketing into their China market entry strategy.

I’d say this is really a smart investment.

Now, I’d like to share some important tips for you to avoid common pitfalls that many business owners encountered.

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