China UI Design

China UI Design / UX Localization, Optimization

China User Interface (UI) Design and Chinese User Experience (UX) optimization is critical in a better results for your online business.

  • China competitor profiling
  • Analysis of historical web analytics data
  • Online focus groups & expert interviews
  • On-site user satisfaction/user experience study
  • Web speed, reliability & load time testing
  • Translation of your sites to Chinese
  • Localization of functions such as social sharing, payment, online chat in to Chinese equivalents.
  • Localization of your websites user interface design to the Chinese market

Your user interface is your product.

High quality sites needs User friendly design!

What We Do: Make it more fun for your Business

  • Web UI Design
  • Mobile App UI Design
  • Email Template
  • Landing Page Design

How We Do

SinoStep China UI Design Workflow
SinoStep China UI Design Workflow
  • Business Understanding: Know your business and your local target market
  • User Research: Get feedback from users and create document in the form of personas.
  • Create Wireframes-screen layouts: evaluate functionality and user flows.
  • Visual Design: we make it beautiful based on your branding standards.
  • User Testing: Testing before development begins makes it easy to change if users uncover any issues.
  • Markup:┬áThis last step creates the presentation layer that your development team

Principles of User Interface Design

  • Organize: consistency, screen layout, relationships and navigability
  • Economize: simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, and emphasis
  • Communicate: legibility, readability, typography, symbolism, multiple views, and color or texture in order to communicate

We follow the best industrial practices

  • Responsive Designs
  • HTML 5
  • Moodboards
  • Wireframes

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