More Potential Customers through Weibo Advertising

Advertising on Weibo Needs Skills

Weibo is an effective digital marketing platform to engage Chinese consumers. 

Paid ads bring direct traffic but very hard in precise targeting.

Weibo platform is so complicated that selecting a suitable advertising option for your brand’s needs is not that easy.

In this lesson, you will find the most effective tips in weibo advertising.

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Talk to Potential Customers on Weibo

Get Customers from WeChat

Convert WeChat Leads to Customers

Through WeChat Marketing,

You should provide something of real value,

attract new friends, grow your number of followers,

You can sell anything when you win their trust.

A typical WeChat Moment post

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WeChat Official Account: Must-Have Marketing Tool For Brands

Effective & Low Cost: Raise Your Brand Awareness in China

Launching a WeChat official account is an effective and low-cost way to reach your target audience and raise your brand awareness in China.

Through the WeChat Official account, you can interact with China customers directly, and instantly.

Almost all Chinese local brands are now having their own official accounts.

A typical WeChat Moment post

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WeChat Moments: Do’s & Don’ts

Best Place for Viral Marketing

WeChat users post status updates and stories on Moments.

WeChat’s Moments page is a perfect place for viral marketing.

Most WeChat contacts are the user’s friends in real life.

Chinese WeChat users see the content as more reliable, which results in a higher share rate.

A typical WeChat Moment post

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Build Close Relationships through WeChat Groups

Turn WeChat Groups into Amazing Leads Generators

WeChat groups are a daily part of online communication for most Chinese people.

Different circles of friends share and discuss information in separate WeChat Groups.

Well managed WeChat Groups could be the best place to reach your potential customers instantly.

WeChat Group Members

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Get More Friends on WeChat

Add a new WeChat friend

More Friends Means More Opportunities

Having more WeChat friends can be a real benefit for your business in China.

On Wechat, you new friend might be a prospect, partner, new employee, or maybe some expert in areas you are interested.

WeChat is the ideal platform to build your local business network in China.

Grow your contact list

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