[Book] Sell Online To China

Your Opportunity in China’s Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market

– Create your own step by step China market entry strategy.
– Understand the history, evolution and current situation of import eCommerce in China.
– Find out who are the major players in the market and who might be your potential partners.
– Discover the needs and wants of Chinese cross-border consumers and understand their behaviors.
– Localize your web store and turn Chinese visitors into real buyers.        Read More…


[Book] Build A Right Website That Works In China

Ten Steps to Build Your Successful Website for the China Market

Step 1. Register Your Domain Name
Step 2. Set Up Your Email Server
Step 3. Where to Put Your Website: Web Hosting
Step 4. Easy to Build: CMS and Shopping Cart
Step 5. Get A Great Web Design
Step 6. Make Your Web Content Attractive
Step 7. Define Your Functions and Develop Them
Step 8. Test Your Website
Step 9. Chinese Localization Check
Step 10. Track, Analyze, and Optimize       Read More…